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Baking Tuesday (on Thursday!!) – Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Filling

So, I had the photo and everything ready to go on Tuesday.  However, I got sucked into the last half of the 3rd Hunger Games book and couldn’t put it down.  (By the way, I read all 3 books between Saturday and Tuesday…needless to say, I was a bit more obsessed with finishing the book than posting a cake!)  When I finally finished reading it, at 11pm, I was too tired to post.  Then yesterday I was working on a Girl Scout project that needed done before today so by the time that was done, at 11pm, I was too tired to post.  So, here it is today!

This cake is literally just a boxed fudge cake mix, I think I used Duncan Hines.  I don’t have a preference for cake mixes, I just buy what is on sale, because I am going to modify them all anyway.  I followed the box recipe but rather than use water I used a pot of coffee.  I added some vanilla extract, too.  And, as always, I use olive oil with my cake mixes.  For the filling I just used Jell-O Chocolate Pudding mix, on the “pie filling” recipe, but decreased the milk by an additional 1/2c (it was the family sized box, the bigger one), so only used 2c of milk.  I added a few splashes of almond extract and started building the cake.

The butter cream is, once again, Wilton’s.  The embellishments are Twizzler’s Cherry Pull N Peel and Mike N Ikes (just the red ones, on the rocket itself….Hot Tamales would work too).  A few cake cones and away we go!

I made this cake for a friend’s son’s 7th birthday.


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