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Baking Tuesday (late again!!) – First Communion Cake

This week has been an utter disaster!  I sat down to post my cake and was thereafter informed my middle child had lost her math book.  Commence tearing apart the house and both vehicles, only to NOT find said math book!  Wednesday night was Girl Scout prep night.  All the incentives arrived from Girl Scout cookie sales AND the 600 patches I ordered 2 months ago also arrived.  I spent HOURS sorting stuff into bags so we can distribute today.  It is year end planning time at work, quarter end AND I have both sets of grandparents visiting.  So, cake didn’t get posted!


This is the cake I made for my math-book-losing child’s First Communion.  There is nothing special about this cake.  The top is a golden white cake mix, into which I surprisingly did not at add anything special! It is filled and covered with basic buttercream.  The bottom is choc cake, chocolate filling, vanilla cake, vanilla filling and choc cake, layered.  As mentioned in a past post, I make my chocolate cake with cold coffee instead of water.  The fillings in this case are pudding made with 1/2c less milk than required for the PIE filling recipe.

The pattern on the buttercream on the top layer is made by lightly pressing a papertowel against the icing after it has crusted over.  The bottom tier is circles of fondant, rolled out thin, into assymetrical “petals”.  Rosary is yellow died fondant.  The gold pieces were made by mixing gold powder with vanilla and painted on.  I have done this with silver also…it turns out pretty. 




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