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Baking Tuesday – Spiced Peach & Pear Crumble

I drove home yesterday and saw signs out for “Peaches” by our local orchards.  Luckily we have one right next door (which is about 5 acres away). This means peach season is about a month early, due to the heat.  This is perfectly fine but with peaches (and pears, and apricots, and….) comes canning season!  I still have a pantry full of peaches and pears from last year so, figured I would use some up to make room!

Crumbles are a standby in our home.  We always have the makings for them.  They are extremely versatile and they are EASY!  You can make a crumble with just about any bakeable fruit, fresh, frozen or canned.  I don’t love them with canned fruit because they are usually too soft and then break down even more when they bake.  However, home canned fruit, at least when I do it, is much more firm.  Crumbles are also yummy, especially topped with vanilla ice cream! 

I tend to “throw stuff in” when I do a crumble, depending on what I have in the house.  If I have chopped nuts, I throw them in the topping.  Or dried fruit, especially cherries YUM.  I like to add textures.  This time I added chopped pecans to the basic crumble topping AND (my sister and mom will LOVE this) I added about 1/4 finely chopped crystallized ginger to my fruit.

This crumble is 1 qt each, pears and peaches.  I emptied all the liquid from the pears and left about 1/2 the liquid from the peaches.  I mixed in 1t pumpkin pie spice along with the crystallized ginger and put into a 8×8 2-inch deep baking dish.  For a crumble this size I do topping in 1/2c measurements.


Basic Crumble Topping

equal measurements –

  • butter (my mom and sister swear by margarine but I NEVER have that in the house)
  • flour
  • brown sugar
  • regular oats (not quick cook)
  • nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips!

Let’s Make It!

With a fork, a pastry blender or, most fun, your hands, combine all ingredients until crumbly. Top fruit and bake at 350-degree until golden brown, about 35 minutes.



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